Firma Bluff and Swizz arise again – English text

The reality is that no environmental action is guaranteed even in percentages of the money collected.

Whether allowances of CO2 compensation are given free as in Sweden, by the Swedish Environmental Protection Board, or sold as in some other countries, where the money goes into an undeclared state treasury without transparency, there is no guarantee that even a fraction of the money people who want to ‘compensate’ for their travel by air or car, will go to environmental purposes! If the money had been collected by non-profit organization, so called 90-account (here in Sweden), the organization had not been included among the 90-accounts which included ensure that at least the majority of the money goes where it is said to be!

”The allocation of allowances for the trading period 2008-2012 were determined in the autumn of 2006. Then the companies present a forecast of how much carbon dioxide they planned to place. The calculations were also with their average carbon dioxide emissions in the years 1998-2001. ”

”Environmental Protection Agency distributes allowances after forecasts from the companies themselves of how much carbon dioxide they estimates. But for many companies the forecast is higher/greater than the actual needs and the surplus sold.
Svenska Dagbladet has looked closely at seven large companies, all with large emissions of carbon dioxide. Together they earned last year 440 million SEK by selling allowances. SSAB ‘s profit
was 240 million in profit on the sale of the rights given to them without paying anything for them. ”DN

But it is worse than that: there is no verification, no evidence what so ever, that the money in countries where emission rights are sold to ‘needy’ are used for the Environmental purpose at all. Firma Bluff and Swizz seems to have resurfaced in some form around the world.

Still No politician or other responsible person answers questions ”where our money paid for ‘compensation ‘for emissions?” Many are those who boast that emission offsets …. but Do they know in which pocket the money goes?

More writing about allowances:
Krönika SvD


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