The History of the Lower Kennebec – Still more to tell re. North America’s history

Not everything has been told….
© Johansson Inger E, Gothenburg, Sweden 4th July 2015

Five years ago I had a copy of a mail Terry J. Deveau NEARA sent Sue and Ross (also NEARA). I have worked with the information ever since in order to incoporate facts in my own Greenland and the Greenlanders, the ”missing people”
Guess it’s time to discuss the impact of the information instead of waiting for better days to come….

This is what Terry told:
”I happened come across an interesting reference in The History of the Lower Kennebec, Reed, 1889, pp. 34-35, which can be downloaded here”:

Reed. Parker McCobb HISTORY OF THE LOWER KENNEBEC, 1602-1889, Published 1889

The History of the Lower Kennebec
”It is apparently recorded in the journal of William Strachey, regarding the Popham Colony in September 1607, that Raleigh Gilbert (half nephew of Sir Walter Raleigh) discovered the following:”

”Captain Gilbert with nineteen others, departed in his shallop on the 23d, to goe for the head of the river Sachadehoc. They sayled all this day, and on the 24th the like, untill six of the clock in the afternoon, when they landed on the river’s side where they found a champion land and very fertile, where they remayned all that night. In the morning of the 25th, they departed from thence and sayled up the river and came to a flatt, low land, where is a great cataract or downfall of water, which runneth by both sides of this island, very shold and swift. In this island they found great store of grapes, both redd and white ; good hopps, as also chiballs and garlike ; they haled their boat with a strong rope through this downfall perforce, and went near a league further up, and here they lay all night ; and in the first of the night there called certain salvages on the further side of the river unto them in broken English ; they answered them againe and parled long with them, when towards morning they departed.”

Many details I have looked at myself, it’s still open questions not answered…. Not everything has been told of the North American History….

Garlic is supposed to origin from Asian stepp landscapes. Hoops were used in Europe to produce Ale to drink.


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