More Y-SNP calls for Chachapoyas

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This is a very interesting study in itself. Even more interesting in the light of Nikulás Bergsson/Bergþórsson’s Leidarvisir and borgaskipan:
”… North of Germany is Denmark. Ocean extending into the Baltic Sea, near Denmark. Sweden is east of Denmark and Norway in the north. North of Norway’s Finnmark. … Beyond Greenland, southward, there Helluland and beyond it Markland, from there it is not far to Vinland. which some people think stretching all the way to Africa. England and Scotland is an island but is separate kingdoms. Iceland is a large island to the north of Ireland …. ”
Norse Vikings predated Columbus exploring North America – Smoking gun part 2 chapter 1

Once I came across a Spanish monk’s notes when he followed Spanish explorers in Mid resp South America. He had a short note that they met ”white” indians with red hair and that almost all died within weeks after the meeting. True or false? Never been able nor had money and/or time following the possible ”lead” to something substantial. Could it possibly be so that Norse Vikings, read Swedes, Norwegians, Scots and Basques, who hunted mamals followed the coast in the New World as the done in the Old?


Below are more Y-SNP calls for six male pre-Columbian Chachapoya mummy samples. Positive calls are in bold, and negative calls are in non-bold.

This post gives more information about the Chachapoyas, and it includes links to photographs of Chachapoya remains showing that they had European rather than Amerindian hair. This post gives more information about the samples below, along with analyses of their autosomal DNA.

The published DNA-based sex determination analyses indicated that one of the seven available Chachapoya mummy samples was female, and that four of them were possibly female, but I’ve done new sex determination analyses that indicate that only one of the samples, NA43, was female.

The calls for NA39 show that he did not belong to haplogroup Q1a2-L56, which makes up the vast majority of Amerindian Y chromosomes. He might have belonged to Q1a1-F1096, whose Q1a1a1-M120 branch has been found in Peruvians.

The calls for NA47…

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