Here pages and articles related to our environmental history, flora and fauna as well as artifacts, naturephenomena etc will be told and discussed.

Witin a day or two an English translation of a prestudy regarding Landrise in Scandinavian areas from the time of the peak during last Ice Age will be presented. The prestudy was made after I wrote my C-essay Vattenvägarna in till Roxen i äldre tider. (The waterways towards lake Roxen during older Ages) using facts and information I gained then but the prestudy was made to see if and if then what I could come to some archaeologic, environmental or elsewhat conclusions helping me with my work to the D-essay (Academic work) where I analyzed Lars Gahrns ‘Svea Rike’ as well as with planned continued studies. Unfortunatly I didn’t have money and possibilities to continue those at Universities after I wrote the D-essay for an MA. Passed everything to ‘send in’ for applying for a MA-diploma, but never sent it in.

ESSENTIAL information, facts and backgrounds everyone discussing the so called CO2-threat needs to know
Facts about our Earth
Fakta som alla bör känna till, swedish text  Facts for everyone to be aware of, even those who believe in the CO2 threat, English text

More essential information can be found here:
Landrise-uplift English text
Landhöjning svensk text

Non scientific research work, English text
Icke vetenskapliga forskararbeten, svensk text

Hmm Historiekunskaper vad är det, Norah4you 12 november 2009 svensk text


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    I don’t normally comment on blogs.. But nice post! I just bookmarked your site



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