Grönlands export kuriosa

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Grönlands export.

© Johansson Inger E January 2003. (Sent to sci.archaeology Sat, 11 Jan 2003 18:58:59 GMT)
The Vikings and Arabs were the master traders of the medieval world, and trade routes were long, complex and arduous. The Vikings brought polar bears, walrus ivory, gyrfalcons and narwhal tusks from Iceland and northern Greenland.

” ….. ”Walrus ivory, noted the eleventh-century Arab historian al-Biruni, is ”the tooth of a fish, one cubit long, which the Volga Bulgars [a Turkic people] bring from the northern seas … [and from there it is sent] to Mecca … and to Egypt” to be made into knife and sword handles for nobles and rulers.” ….. ”Gyrfalcons from Iceland and Greenland were sent to the royal mews in Norway and later to Denmark and used by rulers as gifts of state.”
In 1224 King Haakon IV of Norway, anxious to forge an alliance with England, sent King Henry III 13 gyrfalcons together with ”many walrus tusks,” and in 1262 he sent a delegation with many gyrfalcons to the bey of Tunis.” ……. ”
In liking of falcons, as in other wealth, no western monarch could match the 13th century Mongol emperor Kublai Khan. When he traveled, Marco Polo wrote, he was accompanied by ”full 10,000 falconers, who carry with them a vast number of gyrfalcons, peregrine falcons and sakers,” and in his silk-and-sable-lined private pavilion the khan ”always carried with him 12 of his best gyrfalcons.”

Some of these falcons came from Greenland and Iceland They were transported over the Atlantic, sent across central Europe and Russia to Armenia and from there brought by Tartar envoys to China as tribute to the mighty khan. . ”

Detaljerade uppgifter om detta och annan export, tex ost och smör till Drottning Margarethas fatabur finns i Grönland och Grönlänningarna. I kapitel som ej läggs ut på nätet. (Details and ref dealing with this and other export products from Greenland among them cheese and butter(!) to Queen Margarethe I:s ”Fataburen” will be found in my ‘Greenland and the Greenlanders. Chapter not published on net.


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