The Natural processes Al Gore forgotten about


Simply put, it is the oxygen we need to breathe that the green plants, the earth’s lungs, produce using CO2 and sunshine. Many more persons than Al Gore seems to have forgotten that there comes major problems when building in places where trees have been growing or chopping down trees and vegetation. whether this chopping is done in virgin forests, the northern hemisphere coniferous and deciduous forests or small trees and shrubs in urban city parks this cause problems. For CO2, only 2% of all that we call air, is what the plants ‘eat’and leave us oxygen and themselves sugar carbon …. Coal is also the energy for the plants.

[I am not very fond of Wikipedia, but I can’t find a proper English text for photsynthesis, thus I had to use the Wikipedia text for the English ref here]:

Phosynthesis English text, Wikipedia
Fotosyntes, svensk text från

Water, just plain water sang many singer in earlier days. But raining, strinling water is just a little bit of a closed chain circulation of the water’s phases. In principle, we have as much total water on earth today as we had 10,000 years ago or earlier in history of the Earth. Water has many different forms, but whether there is water in a person’s body or water/snow that falls for example on the surface of land or sea; or rain and snow that has fallen on the frozen Arctic or Antarctic surface, there is one thing that all forms of water strive for, to get as fast as possible ‘down’as low as possible.

My deceased father told me sometimes of an experiment they put forward for fun while working on VA Office (Water Supplier’s Office) in Gothenburg during the WWII. They was kidding with a girl. She was told that they all had been instructed to drink a glass of water per hour during evening and thus checking the water quality, keep detailed notes, etc. Late at night she phoned one of the others and said, I must now interrupt the water tests. I sit on the toilet and it runs right through me…

Well water you drink, you sweat out, you urinate and same water is also in your breath. What comes out through the toilet goes to a treatment plant where the ground water, surface water, etc. pass before being cleaned. Depending on what treatment, biological or chemical that is needed, it takes time before the water finally reaches of rivers transporting water to the sea same way as the snow that fell in the mountains or in the Arctic finally ends up in sea. All water reaches the sea, sooner or later in the water cycle.

Water that falls over land is infiltrated into the base, soil or stoneground, it’s all the same but it takes different time for the water to end up in a lake, a stream or river.

When the water end up in lakes, streams rivers and so on. The water goes on trying to find the lowest point, which in most cases, excluding the Dead Sea and some smaller lakes, means that the water finaly will end up in the sea, our Oceans. When the sun heats the sea surface than water vapor and cloud formates filled with water steam. Clouds reaching land, coming in over the country, will be trying to rise above the highest point of land, and release their water molecules during that phase. So, we have the chain/water cycle shown in full.

Total amount of water if we assume that even we humans are largely the same millennium after millennium. Circulating around in water cycle’s phases.

But,some one might say: the sea coast has always been almost the same the last 10,000 years?
NO. That’s not true.

First you can start by looking at the sea and the Baltic Sea on our ‘doorstep’ changed from the Ice Age up to now:
Yoldia Sea, Wikipedia

Explaining this, which is what many fail to understand, is essential:
While land uplift due to melting of the ice, the Baltic Ice Lake was filled and overflow due the amount of icewater. Finally the Baltic Ice Lake was overfilled thus the water ran in extremely high amounts over current Sweden and the Oresund Strait was formed. It was so large amounts of water quickly pouring out into what’s now is called the North Sea, that during those days had a seabed far under today’s water, making it possible for people to walk(!) from Scotland to southern Bohuslän [the district south of Norway along the Swedish coast down to Gothenburg] as well as to Norway and over land to Denmark. On this land, today seabed people lived in settlements was on the places under today’s sealevel where today oil is being drilled in the North Sea.

That large OUTPOURING of water caused tsunami waves in the areas around and drowned parts of Norway, but also thanks to the power and speed of water that arose dduring the outflow reached down through the current English Channel, where people previously had been able to live all way down to the Mediterranean Sea. At the same time or close to, the rivers of northern mainland Europes turned south from the southern part of the Baltic Ice Lakes and the water ended up in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea via rivers as well as via the English Channe to Gibraltar.

This process that drowned land in many places in Europe as well as in around the Mediterranean Sea, began in 8300 BC. As I previously written in ”Basic Geology for Climate fans”, It ended when Lake Vättern was formed 500 years later at the same time breaking the ‘water’ connection over what’s now Sweden. From that time onwards, it is through the Oresund Strait a large amounts of water flowed out. Very little water circulation in relation to what would be needed has thus caused the Baltic Sea to be what we call broken, partly salt but mostly ‘fresh water’ supplied.

The same process happened over the North American continent. Where scientists have only recently begun to understand the full scale of the Stone and Bronze Age Lakes formed, which in many cases disappeared long before our days.

Please observe that the Sea level only has risen by 51 meters since the last ice age peak. This is due to the effect of landrise.

If Al Gore had remembered what he learned in school, NO ONE visited the North Pole in the early 1900s. It would take until 1959 before the first serious weather station was built in the Arctic inland. Only then, and then only in places where station(-s) existed the measurement was possible to be done.
But someone might say: the ice-cores then?

Have you already forgotten that all forms of water, liquid and ice and water molecules in air are always will try to get reach/find the lowest points. This is due to the gravitation and the centrifugal force effecting all and everything on Earth.

If you put a stick with GPS in a place in the Arctic, it is precisely the same as when a plane crashed on a Alp peak glacier during WWII and finally came out in the valley below the still existing glacier a few years ago. Glaciers are frosen water acting and behaving altogether like water. In other words a stick will not be in same spot, give same GPS readings over a particularly long time. Iceshield in water it’s not in same places over time at all. Or you could look Nansen’s ship Fram’s Icedrift up in any Encyclopedia.

Please look at this url’s picture 5th page, where ice drifts explained simply: 
 (a Power point presentation from the Swedish National Space Board’s homepage.)

Thus when this year’s rain and snow falls in the Arctic on ground in one place and you put a stick down, While the stick remain in ice next year it will not be in same longitud, latitude locatin next year far less 1000 years from now or 1000 years before you placed the stick down. When you drill straight down in order to take a icecore, you get data from many places in the Arctic circle in earlier days. That’s due to wind and water erosion, dry freeze, gravitation, centrifugal force etc. The erosion in Arctic tends not to be identical throughout the Arctic. So hardly any correct/fair readings could have given from an Ice Core as a reliable indication of how the weather was for example 1000 years ago. The only thing that can be dated is the stoft from vulcanic eruptions. But that doesn’t say where your ice-core example was located in the Arctic water when the eruption happened. You would have had to take samples each 800-meter from one side of the Arctic to the other…

But there is more to be told to the so-called scholars that the UN and the IPCC refers to and Al Gore gave voice for. For it is much more that they managed to miss the basic courses that they should be gone before they spoke a single millimeters outside their own area and then let politicians TWIST his figures.

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