66 years old. Born in Gothenburg, living in Gothenburg. Fancy soccer. Especially IFK Gothenburg and Manchester United. Became systemprogrammer in 1971, studied Sociology and Political Science in 70’s. Political active then in the Liberal Party’s Youth group. Also had some local and regional public commisions in 70’s. Now I am Conservative. Voting for Swedens’s Moderaterna.

Engaged in Environmental questions since I as an 8 year old girl participated in my father’s testing of water and air conditions in mid Sweden. Interested in History since childhood I studied that as well as Geography, Religion and a subject we in Sweden call ’samhällskunskap’ (it’s about everything in our society, what’s allowed and what’s related to what here in Sweden, including discussions about what Democracy stands for.

History is my main subject. Studied first to a BA level including writing an academic essay, later on writing an academic work on higher level. Written essays in other subjects as well. Voting for the Conservative party here in Sweden. Favorite subject studied in all the named subjects, Theories of Science.

Divorced. Met a golden apple who was rotten within. But I had and have a lovely daughter. She is married and they gave me a wonderful grandchild January 2014. They also have a dog. A German Shephard 7 years old next year. ATT00734
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Answer to a question many put forward: As long as there is a reference to Johansson Inger E, and name of article you quote from and bloggname for examel Johansson Inger E, articlename, Norah4history Year month and date, It’s ok to use quotes or use an article within your work (if you are a teacher or writer).

I am retired.


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